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Sex work is perfectly legal in the United Kingdom, where I am based. I live in England where the selling and purchasing of sexual services is legal. Providing sexual bodywork and massage is legal.

This service is not to be used in replacement for qualified medical attention. It is an holistic relaxation and stress management service.


Confidentiality and Security:


All details are kept strictly confidential and I do not disclose anything about my clients to the press. There have been incidents recently and in the past where escorts have sold their stories - not here at Matt-at-Lotus, I'm strictly professional and have been in the business for over two decades.

OUT call security: For security and practical reasons, my driver/security guard will have the room number of the hotel and will either be nearby waiting in the car and/or have my start and end time. This is standard practice and not only deters dangerous clients but also timewasters. Genuine clients need not be concerned. Please note I do not do home visits. OUT calls are to hotels only.

Hotel calls security: To book your hotel call you will need to provide your real name, your room number and the telephone number of your hotel. I WILL call you in your room to confirm your booking. This is standard industry practice to prevent timewasters and for security reasons. I will not, of course, disclose the purpose of my call or purpose of my visit should I be asked. A deposit is often required for hotel calls, depending on locality.

IN calls security: Many workers have a 'check-in buddy' and I am no exception. I text or call a colleague before a client is due to arrive, when they have arrived and when they have left or when they are in the shower. My colleague will have my start and end times and we have a procedure in place if I don't check-in at agreed times. Genuine clients have nothing to worry about.

Crime Reporting:

Do not assume that due to the nature of my work that I won't report crime. I will always report potentially dangerous clients or clients who harass or threaten. I am happy to say that in the 25 years I have been working, I have only needed to do this twice.

NB Myself and my colleagues use both overt and covert systems to protect ourselves. Again, this is standard industry practice and genuine guys have nothing to worry about. Discretion is assured to genuine clients.

Deposits and Timewasting:

At my discretion, I often require a nominal deposit* of £20 for IN call massage and escort bookings in Manchester. I will often require a deposit of half the booking fee for London massage and escort bookings.

In rare cases I may charge your entire booking in advance. This usually happens if you have booked previously and either cancelled at the last minute or not turned up. Please note in this case your deposit and/or full fee will NOT be returned if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice or DNA (do not arrive).

If paying a deposit for your massage treatment and/or escort service causes you a problem with regard to confidentiality etc. I will discuss this with you and be very understanding. Do note though that sometimes if a deposit cannot be paid I may refuse service, at my discretion.

NB: I so dislike charging deposits, especially for Manchester bookings. However - there has been a flurry of men booking to see me and not turning up for their appointments and then going quiet/not responding to my texts/calls. I now sometimes charge a deposit for new clients. If you already know me - you're fine. 'MALPTUK' will appear on your statement.

Privacy Policy and Data Storage (GDPR):

Tired of hearing about GDPR? So are we! However, here are our Full GDPR Compliant Terms and Privacy Policy (<<< click). You can also access the Privacy Policy terms page on any footer throughout the website. For the cookie policy see the Privacy Policy page or pop-up in the header. Cheers!



My fees are on each service page. I charge £100 per hour for massage in Manchester and £140 per hour in London. My escort services range from £100 per hour in Manchester, £140 per hour in London and my social escort fees for both cities are just £200 per appointment. Dinner dates are just £50 per hour or often FREE if you book two hours of escort time with me (to be used on the same booking). At my discretion and depending on my schedule and affordability.


Hands on sensual massage and integrative coaching is £100/£130 per hour for Manchester/London. Please see escort page and gay massage for more information and sex coach for coaching details.


Travel costs may be added to your fee and in the case of dinner dates and BFE other costs are kindly met by the client.


How To Pay:


I accept cash, all major cards and crypto currencies. You can pay online in advance via a payment facilitator, please text or email me for details. The payment facilitator accepts all major debit and credit cards. Please note I CANNOT accept card payments in person (yet... it's on its way though...). You can also pay cash or PayPal at your appointment (if you have the PayPal app/a means to transfer the fee from your account) or in crypto via phone app at your appointment or in advance (preferred).


For London bookings if paying in crypto I usually insist on some of the fee being payable in cash/BAC/PayPal as this helps me to fund travel in advance.

For BFE (the boyfriend experience) bookings and dinner dates if cash is paid, gents usually prefer to hand this over in an envelope before the date, as I arrive.


Overnights are available for just £500 and are for regular clients known to me only. I do not offer overnights to new clients unless you have a disability and you have been referred via the TLC Trust website. Overnights are offered only in your hotel and half payment is required in advance. Travel may be added to your fee. Overnights are not 'all night sessions' and some sleeping time is required.


48 hours notice is required for clients who have paid a deposit. In such cases half your deposit will be refunded, as a gesture of goodwill. If less than 48 hours notice is given, zero will be returned.

If you book on the same-day and 'something comes up' and can't make it please please text me to cancel. You will not be charged but it is unlikely I will see you again, unless you are known to me and trusted. Life happens, I get it, but timewasters tend to try this tactic so I can have a low tolerance level if you are not known to me.


All services are discretionary and I reserve the right to refuse or amend service. Please ensure that you are properly washed or request a shower upon arrival.


Advance bookings preferred. I require at least two hours notice for IN calls and more if possible for OUT calls. OUT calls are only offered to your hotel for security reasons. See above for further security procedures. I never answer withheld or payphone numbers. I never return missed calls unless you leave a voicemail asking me to call you back.

Remember: Your fee is for my time only. Anything else that might happen is between two consenting adults in private. Thank you.

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See you soon...... Matt-at-Lotus - Often Copied - Never Equaled xXx

Fancy A Pop-In Visit?*

Please Request A Pop-In Power Visit....

....Great if you are short on time and/or don't want the full body massage.

Want a Dinner Date?

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*Pop in visits are in Manchester at home or in London in my hotel only if I happen to be available and just showered.


Matt's male man-to-man massage studio is situated on the Chorlton border in South Manchester. Close to bus stops and major road links. Free car parking available.



Last appointment 11.00PM*


PRIVACY POLICY. TERMS OF SERVICE Copyright 2016/2017/2018 Matt-at-Lotus Gay Man2Man Deep Tissue Massage Manchester Thank you for visiting this adult male massage site. Please note this website is for over 18's only. Your fee is for Matt's time only and anything else that might happen is between two consenting adults in private. *These are typical opening times. Feel free to try later on. If Matt is still working he will do his best to accommodate you. IN calls Homoerotic Massage in Manchester and London. OUT calls to hotels in both cities.

SEX WORK: For IN CALLS: Matt is a trained professional and his clean male massage studio Is easily accessible from Manchester City, Liverpool, Cheshire, Warrington, Didsbury, Salford, Sale, Chester, Blackpool, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Macclesfield. London is only 2 Hours by train. OUT CALLS also available, deposit and minimum 2 hour booking required (Negotiable, if local).