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Hello you... are you looking for a gay male massage in Manchester? Would you like something original where your gay man-to-man masseur is trained and in touch with himself? I love to connect with you. I adore my job and enjoy sharing my sexual and sensual massage discoveries with you. Naturist guys welcome and/or men who want to feel sensually liberated. I mainly see regulars and returners as I am now semi-retired but of course if you are new, I'll do my best to squeeze you in.


These gay and bi man to man massages in Manchester North West are designed to get you off, of course, but also I want to introduce you to the 'sexual energy' which means that you will feel this massage and bodywork not just in the genitals but throughout your body, especially if you are particularly sensitive.

As you will see from the male massage treatments below this is an interactive man-to-man massage, involving mutual touch, kissing and pleasure. Take a moment to read the options below and see which suits you. For more info on who I am and what I do read on...

I am kind, compassionate, confident and very loving. I can be clothed or naked for treatment 1, I'm naked for treatment 2 (I can be naked from word go or we can undress each other or whatever suits, do let me know but I'm pretty intuitive). Often our time together begins with us getting to know each other.

Sexual Healing Massage - Treatment 1 - Man2Man Massage - £100

Horny, fun and you can request your wants and desires. Perhaps you have always wanted to know what it feels like for another guy to massage and touch you and want me to help you with that. Maybe you want someone who is uber experienced so that you know your first time will be satisfying and safe.

Modesty aside for a second, I am the most experienced male sexual masseur in Manchester and possibly even the UK. I use my natural abilities alongside more traditional training to know exactly where to touch and can also offer you professional sex coaching as a part of your massage treatment (see Sex Coach for a more formal approach).

This male sensual massage can be as sensual as you wish or if this is your first time you can take it slower and just have a general massage with less titillation (please let me know which you prefer). I am happy being touched but if you are not sure, or just in the mood to be pampered yourself without mutual touch - this is the gay or bi massage for you at Matt-at-Lotus massage in Manchester.


This sensual bodywork, sometimes called somatic bodywork, erotic massage or 'tantric' massage - there's no such thing, which is why I air quote, oooh don't get me on that one, we'll be here all day ;-) - often includes a good deep tissue massage, aromatherapy (if you wish, no problem if you prefer non-scented oil) and sexual acupressure to awaken your sensual self. This massage is also great for general stress relief and I can also assist you with deep relaxation exercises. This massage does not usually involve a lot of mutual intimacy but it can and often does develop into a more sexual experience as we get to know each other. If you know you want a more sexual time (including massage) simply request treatment 2 below.


Interested in treatment 1? Sound cool? Give me a call to book your appointment....


BIG (sexy) hug!


£100 For One Full Hour


The Full Monty Sexual Massage - Treatment 2 - Mutual Fun ;-)

This massage is very special and often includes full body contact with me, sensual stroking, kissing, mutual touch, body to body massage and masturbation and oral (please note I do not offer anal sex). To get your sexual energy flowing I will probably work on your energy centres (sometimes called Chakras) and provide what I call sexual acupressure. It's a bit like what some practitioners call 'Tantric Massage' or 'Tantric Sex' in that it awakens your sexual energy, helps you to feel nurtured and sexually this results in an all over tingly feeling farther than just the genitals. This can, if you are particularly sensitive, result in a more whole-body orgasm or in the very least something sexually different. It's not about 'what goes where' - it's about intimacy, horniness and fun. Yum. This massage is very popular and we can go with the flow, it can be healing/holistic and/or as horny and naughty as you like - it is all a healthy part of exploring our sexual selves.

It is important to feel special and cared for, it is a big part of my job to help you to feel at home in your own skin. I am far from perfect but I love my body as it is, squidgy bits an' all and want you to feel the same about your body and sexuality. You are very welcome here regardless of your age or build, cock size, nationality or skin colour etc. and I'm happy to be naked from the outset (which can put you at ease) or we can undress each other slowly. It’s all about that connection that goes beyond the physical - everyone is different and we can chat about how you want things to go - or we can just go with the flow. Either way this massage will often make your skin tingle and you will feel aroused. Climax both ways is welcome - my priority is your orgasm but some guys do enjoy watching me climax too. Whatever you choose is fine by me.

Kissing practice and partner practice, sexual massage exploration (both ways) etc. can also be a part of this full sexual massage treatment. If you prefer less healing work and more titillation - that's fine, just let me know. Remember that this massage is truly wholistic - all over body work plus body to body massage and... things... ;-) xXx

I recommend the 1.5 hour treatment to get the full sexual effects.


1 Hour - £100

1.5 Hour - £150

2 Hours - £200

IN Calls only except for hotel calls

(OUT calls usually require min two hour booking required see terms)


Don't want the massage? If you just prefer to get down to it and/or you have a specific sexy fantasy .... you can see me as a Male Escort in Manchester OR why not combine the two? Get in touch to discuss your needs.

NB: The reason why massage 1 and 2 are the same price..... you can develop massage 1 without worrying about paying a lower price. Plus, if you do just prefer to receive - massage 1 involves deep relaxation, therapeutic techniques that go beyond just massage. Please do enquire. Some gentlemen ask for massage 1 initially and then ask for us to see where it leads. Charging the same gives you the freedom to explore and I still get my bills paid ;-) Hug! xXX

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Matt's male man-to-man massage studio is situated on the Chorlton border in South Manchester. Close to bus stops and major road links. Free car parking available.



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